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WHEREAS, Local self-government is the foundation of American Constitutional democracy; and

WHEREAS, Self-government in American Constitutional democracy requires continual attention to a civic education that prepares American citizens to be informed participants in American political life; and

WHEREAS, Deficiencies in civic education in the classroom have led to embarrassingly low levels of civic knowledge, particularly among young Americans; and 

WHEREAS, Participation in local self-government is an essential component of American civic education; and

WHEREAS, Local self-government faces challenges from both state and national governments in the form of unfunded mandates, unnecessary regulations, and strings-attached funding; and 

WHEREAS, Cooperation between counties is a necessary support for sustaining local, free self-government; now, therefore, be it 

RESOLVED that the County of _____ hereby joins the Counties for American Civic Renewal in order to benefit from forums, tools, and information that will facilitate a strengthening of local government and a renewal of the foundation of American Constitutional democracy for ourselves and our posterity. 

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